George J. (Joe) Kirn        Geologist

Mr. Kirn is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines as a Petroleum Geologist, 1956. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Wyoming and is an A. A. P. G. Certified Petroleum Geologist. He has over 50 years experience as an exploration and development geologist in the oil and gas industry. His experience includes well oversite, surface and subsurface geological mapping and interpretation, prospect generation and evaluation, assembling of lease blocks and general prospect development. Mr. Kirn has generated numerous oil and gas prospects and is a successful oil and gas finder. His geological interpretations leading to discoveries in the Cave Gulch Gas Field, Natrona County, Wyoming and the Southwest Table Rock Gas Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming are among his many accomplishments.

James Franklin         Exploration Manager

Mr. Franklin is an independent oil, gas & mineral explorer for over thirty years. Mr. Franklin is the inventor of a patented ablation technology for oil & gas completions. He also invented an ozone oxidation technology related to hydrocarbons. Mr. Franklin has developed long and short term strategies and direction for the E&P activity and has been responsible for the exploration activities.  Mr. Franklin is experienced in Identifying oil & gas resources opportunities in North American, South America, Africa, and Columbia and a proven ability to execute on presentations to stakeholders on the projects performance and investment opportunities. Mr. Franklin has extensive technical understanding of engineering and geoscience activities.

Meet our team...

Mike Dean         Operations Manager

Mike Dean is a third generation oilfield production and development expert. He heads a family owned oil business- Legacy Oilfield Services. Mr. Dean has extensive experience in oil field management, including organizational development, permit compliance, drilling and completions, and other various engineering tasks. His past experience for multiple California, Colorado, Nevada, and North Dakota oil and gas operators enables him to be highly proficient in identifying actual and potential problem areas while implementing unique solutions both in the field and in corporate settings.

Frank S. Lemmond        Drilling Supervisor

Mr. Lemmond brings over 40 years of experience as a Drilling, Completions and Workover Supervisor, and as Cost Estimator and as a Procurement Manager for hundreds of wells both, onshore and offshore.  He has developed, designed and supervised drilling, completion and/or workover operations, and was responsible for assuring that all government regulatory rules and regulations were followed for Transco Offshore and Exxon/Mobile including an average of 12 offshore wells per year and; the deepest well in south Texas.  Frank previously worked as Consulting Mud Engineer with Miller & Associates, where he supervised drilling rig personnel including, as a Division Technical Advisor for IMCO Drilling.

Steve Jackson        Vice President of Land Acquisitions

Mr. Jackson has 29 years’ experience as a Petroleum Landman with direct hands on experience in successful lease acquisition, seismic surveys, drilling and completion of numerous oil & gas wells throughout the Rocky Mountain and Central Kansas areas. Steve began his career as a Petroleum Landman with Aspen Oil Co. from 1981 to 1985 when he became the Exploration Manager for F.L. Shogren of Denver, CO. Steve has land experience ranging from the Denver Julesburg Basin, Anadarko Basin in the Texas Pan Handle, Powder River Basin in Wyoming and the Williston Basin in South Dakota. Steve has assembled a 25 section lease block and seismic survey for Central Kansas where Mississippi Warsaw producing wells are valued at approximately $20 million dollars each. Steve, through his relationships with some of the most respected geologists in Kansas has identified 11 prospects identified through well control for exploratory drilling. 

Christian "Ted" F. Murer        ​Principal, Geologist

Ted Murer has been an exploration geologist and consultant for the past 45 years. He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines where he received a degree in Geological Engineering. Ted has operated as an independent contractor in the oil, gas and mining exploration business. He has experience in all phases of natural resource exploration and development in the Western United States. He holds interests in oil, gas, mineral and geothermal resources in Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon. Ted was credited with finding one of the largest uranium deposits in Utah. Recently, he joined with Denver-based Barrett Resources Corporation in the drilling of an oil and gas well at the Cave Gulch area in Wyoming. The well was selected for the "Best of the Rockies" award for 1994 by Hart's Oil and Gas World Magazine. Ted is presently focused on exploring a large scale oil and gold deposit in Nevada with a hundred million barrel  and 5 million ounce potential deposits.

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