Dolomite Oil is a Joint Venture Partnership with 10,000 acres located at the intersection of the Chainman & Pilot Basins -adjacent to the thrust faulted Nevada Rift in White Pine County, Nevada.


The Dolomite Oil Prospect is a 4,000 acre  4-way faulted horst block of reservoir quality Hydro-Thermal Dolomite or ("HTD")  sealed with 5,000 feet of rich, thermally mature Chainman and Pilot-Bakken shale confirmed by existing well logs, 2D Seismic; and 3D Magnetics and Gravity that define our prospects and map the petroleum system.

Hydrothermal Dolomite has been a target of some insiders but recently has gained more attention as 13 of 17 new field discoveries in the USA in 2013 are dolomite hosted reservoirs of oil & gas. 

Dolomite formation is produced at the intersection of the earth’s crust and mantel, where tremendous volumes of hot gaseous solutions rich in hydrogen and methane, are being reduced, by the fractured Serpentinite lining between the crust and mantle; into oil & gas that flows via deep basin faults into blocks of porous dolomite.   

This is how the largest oil fields in the world including, all of the Middle East and Africa were formed.  It is also how Nevada’s Grant Canyon and Bacon Flats fields were formed and are good analogs for our prospect.

In North America, the surge in new dolomite oil production has been swift.  From virtually no output five years ago, the dolomite mid-section of the Bakken shale formation in North Dakota recently surpassed one million barrels a day, according to Federal data.  The Bakken shale in North Dakota averages 50 feet thick and is estimated to contain 7 billion barrels of oil & equivalent gas contained. 

These giant oil fields were unleashed by the combination of two technologies-horizontal drilling and moveable sleeve fracturing that are unlocking new shale oil reserves across our nation.

Dolomite Oil’s Exploration plans include, drilling 3 appraisal wells to test these formations including, horizontal extensions into the Chainman/Pilot-Bakken shale.

The US Geological Survey has published two reports covering our area and gave an estimate of over 1.7 billion barrels of oil and gas contained within the rich shale.  You may download these reports at the following links:


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